Well, hi!

This is the inaugural post of my new bog—how exciting! I’m so glad you’re here and want to read what I write. Oh, you clicked on the link out of morbid curiosity and you really just want to see photos of my cat? I gotcha covered ----------->>>

But if you want the scoop, then read on:

Lately I’ve been thinking about what kind of reaction a younger version of me would have if somehow she became privy to the details of her future. This idea fascinates me, mostly because my life is dramatically different than how High School Me imagined it, or College Me imagined it, or even how Post-College Me imagined it.


This is probably the case for a good deal of people out there, yet I can’t get over the image of myself as a college freshmen, chatting with Me From the Future. I tell College Me that in 2011 she will move to Korea to teach English to kindergarten students and will stay for three years. College Me is incredulous, confused. I’m sure she would say, ‘What. The. Hell.’ Or possibly, ‘…But…but I can’t even use a pair of damn chopsticks!’

All of this to say, life is silly (and it’s never too late to learn how to use chopsticks. I learned on the sleek, metal kind, too, so pro status!) The story of my last four years has been packed with many little plot twists, most of them involving foreign visas and 15-hour journeys on airplanes. This blog is about embracing your mangled plans and expectations, adapting, adventuring, and loving the whole process (I’m still learning, of course!)

But above all, this blog celebrates my love for writing. When I returned to the U.S. in July, I stopped writing completely. I was unemployed, broke, and felt lost and despondent, a rudderless boat. I hadn’t realized how difficult transitioning back to the U.S. would be. I felt like I had nothing of worth to share through my writing during that time.

I’m emerging on the other side of that difficult period, and I’m happy to report I have lots of ideas brewing. As I’ve started to reflect on the past few years without fear or anxiousness, I’m finding I have more to say about Korea and traveling than ever before. I created this blog as a space where I could share my stories and reflections on that very important time in my life. And of course I’ll keep you updated on what’s happening with me in the present over here in this little slice of paradise (otherwise known as San Diego, California). 

Here’s what else you can expect to find on this blog:

--A barrage of Finnegan photos (we all know that’s why you came anyway)

---Photo essays (unrelated to my cat)

--The occasional scathing restaurant review

--Dry humor

--Nonsensical rambling

Thank you for stopping by and taking a glimpse into my world! 

 Lovely painting by elyse davis :)

Lovely painting by elyse davis :)